The Bee Movie – What To Expect

admin September 20, 2017 Views 41

A lot of experts would tell you that it is impossible for bees to fly when you consider their size and the structure of their wings. Yet, again they can fly, the can build their beehive and fortunate for people who loves sweet, they can produce honey. But, what if bees can also communicate with people and talk? This is what exactly what you are going to witness as you watch the Bee Movie.

Barry the bee starring Jerry Seinfeld just got out from college a few days ago. Quite frankly, they have a shorter life. His prospect of work is inside the colony and stir those honey until it becomes pure. While, he really wants is to get out to the real world and this is where he met his human friend  featuring the voice of Renee Zellweger.

What he discovered is that, many people would take advantage of their honey and he implies his rights as the citizen of the United States. Now, just imagine a bee inside the court? That’s animation film alright.  Catch this film together with your kids at Chappie, What We DO in The Shadows and plenty of other films are also available.