3 Horror Movies Of 2017

admin February 9, 2018 Views 18

Not a lot of people enjoys to watch something that will give them a fright. However, 2017 seems to be a year where a lot of good horror movies has been released for those who are seeking something for the halloween. This is the top 3 horror movies that you must watch if you love this genre.

  • Annabelle: The Creation – seriously, a possessed doll is the craziest among everything since it is a hollow object and a demon took over it plus, it’s starting to kill people. Now, we are able to see where she became evil and how it came about that way.
  • It – if you are not afraid of clowns, this movie might make you fear them. The mascot that is suppose to make children laugh is now out there, making them scream instead and even eating them out. Be careful when you started to get scared because he will certainly appear.

  • Don’t Breathe – not really a horror movie, but still, a blind man having a very keen hearing sight out to murder you? It can really cause you to run away while trying not to make any sound or else, he will capture you.